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3 Reasons Why Parents Should Choose Myopia Control

family ladder3 reasons why parents should start myopia control & orthokeratology this summer:

First Reason

Studies have shown that myopia control therapy for children can stop or slow down myopia or nearsightedness. This means, that when your child attends camp in the summer or takes up reading, their eyesight can remain healthy & strong each year without upping the prescription. Orthokeratology provides the alternative solution for your child to have perfect vision during the day without glasses or contacts!

Second Reason

Your child will be able to participate in sports without glasses or contacts! For children who are mature enough, orthokeratology is an amazing choice to provide perfect vision during the day & only wear contacts at night. These aren't normal contacts that are harmful to wear at night - they're designed to be worn when sleeping & gently reshape the cornea for crystal, clear vision. We recommend you speak with Dr. Hendrickson if you think your child might want to avoid glasses entirely!

Third Reason

Eye irritation or dryness, sometimes associated with contact lens wear due to outside dust and pollutants is eliminated when utilizing orthokeratology.

No matter whether you'd want to try orthokeratology or check into other myopia control options, Dr. Hendrickson at Clarity Eye Care is here to provide you expert advice & care for your eyes.