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Ortho-k & Myopia Control in Wheaton, IL

Kids Ortho-k & Myopia Control in Wheaton, ILCorrecting nearsightedness for children started with eyeglasses. Today, eye care practitioners and researchers offer more methods of correction that provide clear vision and slow myopia progression. The process of controlling nearsightedness or myopia is called myopia control. Myopia control and Shores health your eyesight for your child for their future and greater success at school.

At Clarity Eye Care in Lombard Illinois, dr. Matthew Hendrickson often utilizes ortho-k lenses in a myopic control treatment. Other options for myopia control like atropine drops or multifocal lenses provide similar benefits, Orthokeratology is better received by children. Atropine eye drops or any eye drops can be confusing or strange for a child, and especially when they are costly, maintaining them can be a struggle. Multifocal contacts are slightly in the middle. a child Can wear multifocal contacts like a standard contact lens and simply need to remove them before going to sleep and maintain their cleanliness.

The key advantage from ortho-k lenses in myopia control is that they are worn overnight.  parents do not have to worry about their child facing higher Tatian during the day contact lens. Plus, overnight lenses means that the  Child will have perfect vision throughout the day. many people use ortho-k lenses as an alternative to Lasik surgery, and for your child, this can be tremendously empowering.  Knowing that you can have amazing vision through lenses that adults prefer to wear makes myopia much less have a problem.

Any parents know all too well the children's glasses have certain hurdles to make weather and sports are at school. contact lenses are easier to manage, of course as long as the child is aware of their importance.

To see if your child is suitable for myopia control with Dr. Hendrickson, contact our practice today.