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Demodex Mites Treatment & Tea Tree Oil (TTO)

voilet woman hair blowingTo appreciate natural remedies? While certain remedies may be suspect for their effectiveness, tea tree oil has been a staple for effectively removing Demodex mites from eyelashes and improving dry eye symptoms.

Instead of referring to a local surgeon or laser treatment to remove Demodex mites, tea tree oil is highly effective when applied buy a trained optometrist like Dr. Matthew Hendrickson. The high concentration can burn the eyes when mishandled, yet an eye doctor has the years of experience to master the delicate and precise skills needed to apply tea tree oil safely.

Tea tree oil application is quick, where a mild anesthesia is applied prior to application. Once the eyelashes have underground the treatment, simply rinsing out the eyes will be needed to continue your day.

Treating Demodex mites with a local optometrist as part of your dry eye treatment plan will provide added relief that’s effective and long lasting. While some patients may simply need the application of tea tree oil, others may consider a meibomian gland expression or the insertion of punctal plugs to improve the quality and quantity of tears.

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